Use THIS Advice to Set Your Investments Up for Boundless Success with Anthony Pierre

Host Liam Leonard is excited to end this incredible year for the Prosperity Perspective Podcast with a guest who’s an expert in real estate investment, with over 20 years of personal investment experience. Anthony Pierre’s story is one you don’t often see in the investment space, but Anthony has used his phase as momentum toward success to become the flourishing businessman and author/coach that he is today.

Tune in to their end-of-year conversation about choosing a balanced life over a life of excess monetary value, how to break out of society’s white picket fence “system,” and where you need to start to have long-term investment profits that will fuel how you chose to live your life.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Why you should teach your kids to go start a business instead of going to get a job

  • Why your money problems may actually be problems with your mindset

  • Where to start your investment process if you don’t have a mentor

Show Notes:

[1:00] Anthony introduces himself

  • “Every phase is momentum toward where you’re going. The worst thing you can do is quit.” -Anthony Pierre

  • Be willing to have a balanced life, not one that’s focused on money

  • Doing six years in prison and learning that the wrong associations can cost you time

[4:12] The most important strategy that Anthony suggests you leverage

  • You have to think about what it means to be financially free

  • “To me, being financially free means having enough passive income that surpasses your current income.” -Anthony Pierre

  • You don’t need to have a million dollars!

  • Purchase income profitable real estate

[7:47] How Anthony pushed past the picket-fence dream toward being financially free

  • Look at the system

  • “We can paint the Hollywood picture of how our life should be, but it’s really a façade.” -Anthony Pierre

  • The people who actually had wealth

  • Teach your kids to go start a business instead of going to get a job

[12:44] Dealing with what you’re going through: “You can just deal with it and try to go through it or you can grow from it.” -Anthony Pierre

  • “The problem is not usually the money. The problem is you and not taking action to go get what you want.” -Anthony Pierre

  • It usually starts with action and fear of investing in yourself

  • Start trusting yourself

  • Momentum is the most powerful force that you have

  • Real estate is the best vehicle for income

[16:55] Mentors for Anthony

  • Russ Whitney as one of his first mentors

  • The Rich Dad, Poor Dad series

  • “Start with a book that’s going to teach you about cash flow and how you can do it with real estate.” -Anthony Pierre

  • Cash flow is for the long game

  • Build the right foundation!

[19:55] Connect with Anthony

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His book: Boundless Success

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About Anthony Pierre:

Anthony Pierre's life was turned upside down when he was suddenly arrested and sent to prison for 6 years. While in prison, he searched deep within himself to understand who he really was and in the midst of this crisis found his love for writing that was lost in his childhood. Anthony loves writing poetry, motivational articles, and real estate investing publications. Anthony is a successful real estate investor, keynote speaker, mentor, and Amazon best-selling author, with more than 20 years in the real estate business. He also owns Estate Master Real Estate Academy and is the founder of Estate Master the Game. While in prison, Anthony taught hundreds of students his real estate investing secrets and created one the most successful real estate investment programs in the State of Ohio's Prison System through Urbana University. This experience helps him revolutionize the way we learn and create the ideas behind Estate Master the Game app. Anthony was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where he currently lives with his wife and 4 children.

Connect with Anthony Pierre:

linktree (gain access to a free consultation and webinar!)

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His book: Boundless Success

Find him on social media: @AnthonyPierre

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