The Steps For Creating the Life You Love to Live Everyday with Bobbi Kahler

Our guest Bobbi Kahler brings the Prosperity Perspective Podcast an inspiring episode as she shares with host Liam Leonard her incredible story about how she used her mindset to triumph over her humble beginnings. Bobbi was working in a law office, but she had big dreams for her future, and that involved the call of entrepreneurism in her 20s. Now, Bobbi is a self-leadership coach, but her clients argue she is really a “new possibility” coach. She works with individuals and corporate America daily to open their minds to what’s in front of them and better embrace change. It seems like a pretty big leap, but today, learn from the valuable wisdom that she learned about herself, her life, and her plans for the future along the way and the advice she’d give to those of you who are still in the race of it.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • The three fundamental truths that Bobbi lives by.

  • Why you need to give something new a try at least three times.

  • The one question you should ask yourself if you feel stuck.

Show Notes:

[1:40] Bobbi talks about what her entrepreneurial journey looked like

  • Starting her new business in 2000 that tailored to what the market needs that year

  • Her three fundamental truths

  • The future can be changed

  • She shares growing up in humble beginnings

  • Her desire to go to college

  • You can change the future

  • Learning that she could be her own hero

  • We don’t have to wait

  • Learn whatever you need to along the way

[5:03] Along the way: where Bobbi chose to invest her income

  • Taking a job in Chicago with her first excess money

  • Investing in herself to go to college

  • Taking psychology because it was available

  • “We had heavily invested in ourselves because we always thought that that was how we were going to get better results.” -Bobbi Kahler

[7:33] Bobbi’s mindset applying her income back into college

  • Wishing she’d know about the rental business option

[9:00] How she went from college to her future

  • Finishing in 2010

  • Doing a vision board

  • “What we’re really looking at here is creating a life we love to live every single day” -Bobbi Kahler and her husband

[12:00] Other elements that helped her get to her place of lifestyle design

  • Being willing to discuss the undiscussable

  • Building the dream house and getting courage to sell it

  • Other unthinkable elements

  • Revolutionary changes: giving up bread to stop feeling so much back pain

  • In one week, she had zero back pain

  • “If you say to someone, ‘hey, are you willing to try it?” That's a very different thing, because now I can experiment with it, and I can see what the results are.” -Bobbi Kahler

[18:05] What Bobbi has done to be open to the change over the years

  • What her mom taught her

  • Don’t say no, just be willing to try

  • Her thoughts for people who don’t have that fire in them to open their minds to trying

  • Catch how we’re talking to ourselves

  • Don’t put the pressure on yourself to force the change

  • Give it at least three tries

[23:40] Bobbi’s last advice to people who feel stuck

  • Action is the anecdote to this fear

  • Ask “what is the simplest action I can take?”

  • If it’s moving you forward, it IS right!

About Bobbi Kahler:

An entrepreneur since the age of 34, Bobbi has led workshops for thousands of people, and she has worked with some of the most recognizable brands on the planet. During that time, she has coached upwards of 3000 people. At the heart of it all, she is a servant of anyone seeking personal growth and transformation. Both her undergrad and graduate degrees were fueled by her passion for helping others achieve personal transformation and the belief that we can write our own life story. She was recently profiled in an article for Yahoo News, Thrive Global and Influencive. She is the author of Travels of the Heart: Developing Your Inner Leader, she was a contributing author to the Amazon and NY Times best-selling book, Masters of Success, and she is the host of her podcast: UnYielded: Thriving No Matter What.

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