Easily Simplify Your Financial Wellness and Commit TODAY with Caitriona Ellis

Tune in to this end-of-year episode of The Prosperity Perspective Podcast that will deliberately set you up for a new year of financial wellness without the stress of the how-to. Host Liam Leonard brings expert in financial wellness and coach Caitriona Ellis to talk about the methods she used to set up three successful companies in 18 months–and just after the breakout of COVID-19! Today, Caitriona will stress the importance of foundation, foundation, foundation, and give you a framework of the two most important steps that you can easily take toward stress-less financial freedom and higher investment confidence.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Why you should take time to define your perfect day

  • How a sense of gratitude will increase your financial wellness

  • Why you may need to look into index tracking to expand your bandwidth

Show Notes:

[0:30] Caitriona introduces herself

  • Getting a BA of Commerce

  • Her role as financial advisor and estate agent

  • Wellness-based person

  • Her three kids

[1:10] What is a state agent?

  • Real estate

  • Her qualification requirements

[3:17] Caitriona shares how she got to where she is today

  • Coming from her education and work experience

  • Stepping out of the corporate world and moving to the country

  • Becoming accidental landlords

  • Dealing with the market crash

  • “There has to be another way.”

[6:35] Starting mentorship under Ann Wilson

  • The Wealth Chef

  • A cooking analogy

  • You decide your tax rate because you decide where you live

  • “It was a case of make or break. We needed to make that financial move if we wanted to change trajectory.” -Catriona Ellis

[9:10] COVID’s effect on their financial income

  • They didn’t have to lose sleep because they had safety nets in place

  • Setting up 3 companies in the last 18 months

  • “It’s amazing to see when this information is in people’s hands, it’s very empowering what they can do.” -Caitriona Ellis

[11:07] Moving to a stage having safety nets; Caitriona’s financial decisions

  • Getting clear on what her end game was

  • Define what your ideal day would be

  • Making investments without an end goal is like manning a ship without a rudder

[13:34] The second piece of having financial safety

  • Create a really healthy relationship with your money

  • Have a huge sense of gratitude for what you have right now

  • “My investment journey began with twenty-five dollars. That’s not exactly going to set the world on fire. But it did show me that I was making a commitment with my money.” -Caitriona Ellis

[17:30] Something Caitriona really wants to get across to investors starting out

  • “Make sure that you get a really rock solid foundation in terms of your gratitude and your relationship with money.” -Caitriona Ellis

  • “People can be very well off, but they don’t have a sense of wellness financially. And that’s important to have.” -Caitriona Ellis

[18:40] What Caitriona’s investments looked like after she established her foundation

  • Utilizing her sense of intuition

  • When you can see what’s working, increase it in increments

  • Knowing she needed a bigger property presence

  • Seeking out index trackers

  • Networking for finding someone you’re looking for

  • Acquiring six profitable properties in the last 12 months that she hasn’t seen

[25:27] Having a risk diversified

  • Her pyramid analogy

  • The other two sides: business and equities

  • The fourth side: yourself

  • “This is a problem. How do we solve it in a way that works for me?”

  • By the let: rental rehabilitation

[31:10] One last piece of advice for listeners

  • “It started with that first step. That realization that ‘Okay, this isn’t where I want to be.’” -Caitriona Ellis

  • Commit to what you want to be different

  • If you don’t see the whole staircase, just take the next step!

About Caitriona Ellis:

Caitriona Ellis a highly competent individual with an honors Commerce degree. She is also a fully qualified Financial Advisor. She has recently completed her Level 4 qualification in Residential Estate Agency and is a Fellow of the National Estate Agents Association. Her career in the banking sector allows her great comfort with crunching numbers. She has been in the property market for the last 15 years managing her own buy-to-lets with a portfolio of over £1m. She empowers women to master their money stuff for peace of mind now & for their future. She also sources high yield property in the North East adding a low input income to your life with a turnkey property investor solution.

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The Wealth Chef by Ann Wilson

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