Living a Better Story - Pray, Read Your Bible, Act with Chad Burmeister

Today’s episode of the Prosperity Perspective brings a unique, faith-based standpoint to the success of a first business and ultimately a movement that spread like wildfire. Liam Leonard hosts guest Chad Burmeister, a Christian-practicing, highly talented salesman with over 20 years of experience, to talk about how Chad’s faith pushed him through the lowest point of his company and elevated him at its highest, multi-million-dollar income peak.

Chad also shares the story of the development of his app, which was motivated by a brutal murdering of his financial advisor’s son, and leaves listeners with his positive outlook on the potential to succeed mentally and financially in your future entrepreneurial goals, no matter how low things may feel today.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • How Chad’s faith helped him to accept that there was a will for his business

  • The development of Chad’s new app that became a movement

  • Chad’s fool-proof advice that applies no matter how tough things get

Show Notes:

[1:38] Chad’s strategic mindset on where to invest his profits

  • [2:20] His experience without the qualification for what the first company required

  • [3:00] Feeling ready to “fly the plane” after 20 years of managerial experience/training

  • [4:07] Chad’s “bad month,” learning to keep the baseline of the fixed cost

  • [5:22] Chad’s struggle with the low point in his business and the effect of his religion and the people he met on its readjustment

  • [7:15] Learning to “Hand over the keys to the car” and endure the roller coaster of business profit and loss

  • [8:05] “good things happen because I put my faith in the outcome that’s meant to be”

[8:30] Faith-based perspective: the questions and lenses Chad uses for early investments

  • [9:26] Chad’s original “deal with God,” the effect of getting a specific number in profits

  • [10:40] Using his grandfather’s advice and a serendipitous moment to move toward building a church

[12:32] Expanding past building a church

  • [13:05] How Jesus is a Salesperson

  • [13:25] Chad’s ap to bring gospel to people by promoting them to do good

  • [15:05] Chad’s experience with the brutal murder of his financial advisor’s son as key motivator toward creating what is now the “Blaze it Forward” movement

[16:25] The most exciting piece of Blaze it Forward to Chad

  • [17:00] Finding Robert’s counterpart

  • [17:17] Surrounding yourself with modern people who have biblical knowledge

  • [17:32] Thinking about the political landscape you are in on “a scale of 1-10”

  • [18:44] The reward of changing the fear in our world into love

[19:47] Chad’s number one advice to entrepreneurs

  • [20:10] Understanding that when life hits you, it will hit hard

  • [20:43] Committing to the concept of “Your will be done”

  • [21:27] No matter how tough it gets, you can get in alignment with your purpose

About Chad Burmeister:

Quickly realizing he was “too much” for his first sales job, young Chad Burmeister changed tactics and moved to become the #1 sales representative in Airborne Express, cause for the name he gives himself as “Corporate Rebel.” His experience with excellent training programs and good coaches led him to gain 20 years of sales representation where he authored four books on selling and started three companies (with a fourth one in the works).

Chad benefits most from helping other sales professionals solve business problems. He recently began his most exciting endeavor to create an app for religious persons around the world and accidentally started a movement in the process.

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