What You Should Be Doing to Gain Financial Freedom with Chad Willardson

We get to talk to an expert in the field of investing on today’s episode of The Prosperity Perspective Podcast, where host Liam Leonardson invites guest Chad Willardson, investment coach, business founder, and multi-published author about investing your money the right way, to share his experiences about the best places to allocate your money, and where he wished he would have invested sooner, younger.

Chad will also share his advice commonly given to clients in his program, highlighting how to avoid getting excited about the wrong investments and why it is our responsibility to teach the new generation how to handle their money, outlined in his newly-releasing book!

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Why you’re savings account may be harboring “dusty money”

  • Why your investment buckets should resemble having fruit trees

  • Why part of investing in yourself includes taking other entrepreneurs’ advice

Show Notes:

[2:00] Where Chad invested his money once he got free cash flow

  • Surrounding yourself with amazingly talented people

  • Investing in his own education in an entrepreneur peer group

  • Honing in on your unique ability

  • Fill in all other aspects with others/outsourcing

[5:05] Where he allocates his resources personally

  • Invest weekly (with automatic investment)

  • Reinvesting in the business

  • Putting back into his mentorship program

  • Revisit your allocation percentages regularly

  • What would I like to save for the entire year?

  • Investing in real estate and the stocks to diversify your investments

  • “If you’re in a tech business and that’s what you own, don’t invest all of your outside funds in tech stocks and tech funds. Get outside your industry and spread the risk a little bit”- Chad Willardson

[10:47] The general model of “buckets” that Chad suggests his clients invest in

  • A wide variety of real estate investment

  • Public market-based investments

  • Business ownership

  • “What I think is important is first build up your liquid investment base, so you have ...a home base. I see a lot of business owners rushing to buy illiquid investments too soon, too premature.” -Chad Willardson

[12:12] People are too enticed by the exciting features of investment

  • “Dusty Money;” First have 3-6 months of savings, but NO MORE

  • “You’ve got to be invested for growth. And I would say beyond 3 to 6 months savings--emergency savings--then all of your money should be invested towards growth.”- Chad Willardson

  • Chad’s fruit tree analogy

[16:18] What investing in yourself looks like

  • Common number is 10% in yourself

  • Don’t live in a vacuum; take other entrepreneurs’ advice

[18:32] How Chad found people that he trusts to give advice

  • LinkedIn; having patience building these relationships

  • Approaching someone humbly

  • Be respectful of their time and ask for a tiny commitment

[21:50] Tie into what you have read/learned about them before using your question

  • Show that you’ve done your homework and made an honest effort

  • Give and Take: Chad’s example of someone who gave value back to him

  • Introducing him to a potential client

  • Connecting him to a journalist/podcast

[24:30] The evolution of Chad’s portfolio and what he would have changed

  • He would’ve bought in Tesla stock instead of his Tesla car

  • Keep investing in the stock market

  • Property ownership

  • Medical and apartment real estate

  • Investing more when you’re younger because the time will make a difference

[27:50] Chad’s new book about keep your children from being spoiled

  • Properly teach your children about money

  • “I really believe it’s on us to teach the next generation about money.”-Chad Willardson

[30:22] Chad’s final advice

  • Financial freedom is attainable to everybody

About Chad Willardson:

Chad Willardson is president and founder of Pacific Capital Wealth Management Firm in SoCal, where he teaches clients of different backgrounds and businesses how to remove the stress of money in their lives and open themselves up to a life of financial freedom.

After deciding to pursue his entrepreneurial journey of creating this company, he also became author of the best selling book: "Stress Free Money," and is now releasing his second book, “Smart, Not Spoiled” for any caretaker looking to keep their children from making serious money mistakes and instead become financially literate.

Connect with Chad Willardson:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/chadwillardson

Website: www.pacificcapital.com

Connect with The Prosperity Perspective Podcast:

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dmlcap/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DMLCapital


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