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You Can Allocate Your Cash Flow if You Lack Self-Discipline & Here’s HOW with Christian D Evans

Our guest on this episode of The Prosperity Perspective Podcast has gotten personal with the dark place of struggling entrepreneurship, beginning in a state where his personal and monetary prioritizations were not under his control. Like other inspiring entrepreneurs, Christian slogged his way through the trenches and brought himself back to the top, a proclaimed capitalist with a driving-for-profit business model.

Christian has expanded his experience to coaching and assisting other coaches with their models, and today, he shares some of the key elements of that model that already works. Learn about allocating your cash flow into the right handful of baskets, the necessity of identifying your personality weak spots, and other strategies Christian has used to not only protect his money, but scale it.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Christian’s four allocated accounts and their associated starting percentages

  • Why you need to break out of the current cycle you’re living in

  • The one important question to ask yourself when identifying where you put your money

Show Notes:

[0:27] Christian introduces himself

  • Being in a situation where he was running Facebook ads and making hardly any money a month

  • Being able to help a lot of people scale their businesses to new figures

  • Helping coaches to scale their offers

  • Working with YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google

  • The struggle that is building systems

[2:55] Christian talks about what he does to help others’ model

  • Working with high caliber individuals and applying a successful model that already works to the new client

  • Taking six percent of the success of that model

[4:50] Where Christian put his additional cash flow

  • Moving from making $500 a week in profit

  • The time where Facebook deactivated their account

  • Coming across profits first by

  • Make a process where your income goes to five accounts

  • “I had to figure out myself and my personality first.” -Christian D Evans

  • “You’ll never achieve financial success at a high level unless you win at the small game.” -Christian D Evans

  • Leveraging automotive systems in order to avoid having to handle the money himself

  • The frustration of needing tomorrow’s sales to pay for yesterday’s expenses

[9:40] Make it complicated to spend that money by creating hurdles

  • “I had to ask myself: ‘What’s the result I want?’” -Christian D Evans

  • Mis-leveraging cash flow is the reason businesses die

[11:35] How Christian got to a point of being able to honestly assess his personality preferences and flaws

  • “We all live our life in cycles. And you don’t really grow until you break out of that cycle.” -Christian D Evans

  • Why am I living my life in this anxious state? What systems can I put in place to avoid that?

[12:45] His defensive NFL model

  • It’s hardest for entrepreneurs to focus on the defensive approach

  • You can do what’s cool, but put a budget toward it

  • Asking those real tough questions about yourself is imperative to build these systems that facilitate these weaknesses

[15:15] Other strategies that Christian uses to protect his money

  • What kind of lifestyle do you want to live and what income do you need to build that lifestyle?

  • Doing a lot of real estate investment for cash flow

  • Not investing in a lot of other things

  • Put all of your eggs in two to three baskets, and then watch your basket like a hawk

  • You don’t need the income; you can scale real estate really quickly

[18:22] What are Christian’s four allocation accounts

  • Profits, operations, bonuses, savings

1. Pay yourself first

  • Start with one to two percent

2. Then allocate to bonuses to incentivize your people

  • Start with three to four percent

3. Operating expenses are going to be the majority of your sales

  • Including taxes

  • Usually about 50 to 60%

4. Savings

  • Christian likes to push this a little heavy at the beginning

  • 10 to 12% off the bat

  • Figure out your own niche!

  • Find amazing solutions by disciplining yourself to have less to spend

[22:50] One thing Christian would leave with you

  • It’s about those miniscule actions

  • If you don’t have the discipline to keep your money where you want it, find a bookkeeper

  • There are banks that will give you four to five accounts to allocate your cash flow; use them!

  • You can try this through Bank of America and First National

About Christian D Evans:

Christian D Evans is the Leading Ninja to Help Mid 6 Figure Businesses 3-7x with YouTube ads. He has generated over 20 Million Dollars for his clients through YouTube Ads Ninja, Deliver DFY YouTube Ads, Funnel Build Out, and Techy Integration. His claim to fame: “We Automate & Scale Your Proven Offer So it Runs Smoother Than a Baby's Butt!” Ultimately, Christian is more than just a business owner; he is an entrepreneur, seeker of life, challenger of the status quo, and capitalist.

Connect with Christian D Evans:

Social: @Christian D Evans



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