How AI Will Ruin and Save the World with Hayden Sather

Today’s episode of the Prosperity Perspective brings a unique opportunity to talk shop with an entrepreneur in his early business years. Liam Leonard invites guest Hayden Sather, multi-degree computer and AI expert as well as a national athlete. Hayden brings a fresh perspective to the table as they discuss the moves he is consciously making now to ensure his investments and work experiences are in alignment with his long-term goals. Join them for a talk about the necessity of developing leadership, balancing the “arms race” of education with a higher-demanding work force, and even a little about the future of self-driving, electric cars.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Why obtaining one or multiple degrees may be the right path for entrepreneurs today

  • Reflection on how these speakers were conditioned from a young age for the successes they’ve achieved as adults

  • Why Hayden has found 3-5 years of foundational workforce experience essential

Show Notes:

[1:22] How Hayden makes his investment decisions on the early end of his career

  • [1:50] Making personal health investments alongside financial investments

[2:27] The end goal: Hayden’s ideal future life

  • [3:10] Getting to a position where Hayden can start his own business

  • [3:35] The walk away point: getting to a point where what you have works for you

[4:24] Hayden’s path that lead him to pursue 2 graduate degrees

  • [5:00] Adapting how he invests in his future due to COVID-19

[5:42] The cause for always knowing that he would have at least one degree

[6:09] The need to establish yourself as some kind of leader

[6:40] The escalating arms race of college education

[7:15] The value of a masters degree to improve the probability of getting what you want

[8:09] Hayden’s childhood experiences that lead him to hone his physical and professional skills

  • [9:00] His father as an inspiration; how his dad loved what he did and could relax later

  • [9:50] Liam’s experience of how his parents conditioned him for his modern successes

[11:04] The educational system and its unsure determiner of who is educated enough for the market

  • [11:58] Combatting the desire to be able to pursue dreams without being tethered to the company and society’s views that you can’t get there because of your age

  • [12:23] “The military view;” feeling guilty at jumping right into an officer’s position

  • [13:11] Building your 3-5 year foundation experience

[14:16] Hayden’s experience with smaller space companies

  • [14:38] The issue of having visionaries without experience

  • [15:41] The difficulty of finding true skill that knows how to create AI

[17:18] The feasibility of having multiple self-driving car companies coming together in one massive ecosystem

  • [18:08] Why Hayden thinks innovation will naturally rise together in the future of AI technology

[19:21] The most exciting thing Hayden is working on today

  • [19:41] Self-driving vehicles, tractors, and construction vehicles

[20:19] Hayden’s views on the future for cleaner driving

About Hayden Sather:

Hayden Sather is a graduate student at the Colorado School of Mines where he is finishing two Master degrees, one in Computer Science and one in Data Science. He is a recently-retired NCAA All-American Decathlete, where he finished 9th in the nation. Haden has the unique experience of balancing his highly academic life with a highly physical life, with experience working with NASA and major self-driving vehicle programs as he prepares for a future with leading companies such as Tesla in the midst of his training as an athlete.

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