Is There Such a Thing as a Five-Star Financial Advisor with Brian Thorp

Liam Leonard invites businessman Brian Thorp to share his wealth of knowledge on today’s episode of the Prosperity Perspective. Brain brings over 22 years of investment experience to discuss the merits and setbacks of angel investing or taking a more conservative approach as well as the best way to make connections with networks you can trust to tap into. Liam and Brian also spend some time “looking back” into Brian’s past, identifying tips and shortfalls to avoid from Brian’s personal experiences, ultimately determining what he finds to be the most crucial element of a business.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • The value of taking a “Reverse View” when when deciding which market to invest in

  • Two highly-valuable platforms to start your investment research

  • How to “de-risk” your potential investment by surrounding yourself with like investors

About Brian Thorp:

Brian Thorp spent 22 years working at Invesco and was most recently the head of their key account team, working with big-name home offices around the country. Honing experience in both the private and public sector, his goal was to diversify their company portfolios and build not only worthwhile investments, but relationships with the humans behind those investments.

Originally from Houston, Brian has now moved on to found the wealthtender company, carving out the opportunity to help people find the financial resources that they’re looking for no matter what background they hail from. Now more than ever, Brain is seeking to connect to the human side of financial advising/teams, developing his site to hold personal finance blogs and podcasts for those who prefer to “do-it-yourself.”

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