Does Sports Marketing Really Work? with Ishveen Anand

From handling profits in the sports world to optimizing your mental health as an entrepreneur, join Liam Leonard’s guest discussion as he examines the proactive skills, decisions, and mentality of successful CEO and co-founder Ishveen Anand. Ishveen shares her background in sports agenting and its experiences that lead her to develop one of the biggest sponsorship companies in the US. Listen with them as they talk about common misconceptions of the timeline of an entrepreneur, and why you shouldn’t forget to invest in things that satisfy you.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of balancing work with your mental health and how to do so

  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of starting over

  • The benefits of maintaining a professional rewards system at work

Show Notes:

[1:43] Using Ishveen’s experience on the strategic side of agenting to understand the tech side of sponsorships

  • [2:26] Solving problems with products

  • [3:33] Her experience prior to Open Sponsorship

  • [4:20] Utilizing her interest in doing global crosswater deals

[5:45] How Ishveen handles and invests her profits

  • [7:00] The importance of marketing a better brand

  • [8:28] How they spend money on operational tools

  • [9:22] Her investments in mental health and wellness

  • [11:04] Ishveen’s structure for keeping herself mentally healthy

  • [13:38] The opportunity cost of being a CEO

  • [14:45] The importance of investing your money in things that satisfy you

  • [15:49] What rewarding yourself looks like to Ishveen

  • [18:00] The use of a reward system to set important goals in the company

[18:47] How she handles what she spends now with setting herself up for a good future

  • [20:09] focusing on the ability to keep earning

[20:13] Why Ishveen isn’t worried about having to starting over

  • [20:51] Starting over would really mean “taking a stop, and then continuing”

  • [21:09] Her biggest worry: “Am I making the right decisions today?”

  • [23:16] It's really about who you are

[25:44] Understanding that the entrepreneurial journey is longer than expected

[26:16] The change-point in Ishveen’s mind concerning when you peak and when to invest

[28:38] The most exciting thing Ishveen is working on today

  • [29:36] Expansion and new opportunity

[30:57] One piece of advice for listeners from Ishveen’s experience

  • [31:38] “Enjoy Today”

About Ishveen Anand:

Ishveen Aand is CEO and Co-founder of Open Sponsorship, a program built from a gap found in her experience as a sports agent. Ishveen identified the need for greater accessibility in the sponsorship industry for the whole public, not just select big names, and moved quickly to create an unstoppable team that could develop the technology necessary to manage the full sponsorship process.

Open Sponsorship has become one of the largest sponsorship companies in the US, with 8000 athletes that range from big names like ESPN to small business startups. Now, Ishveen Aaand’s name is no stranger in the sports world, where she is even found in Forbes’ “30 under 30” list.

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