Unlock The Next Million In Your Business With This ONE Question with Katie Richardson

Today’s guest on the Prosperity Perspective is a wildly successful businesswoman, active wife/mother, coach, podcaster, and leader in her industry. Because of our guest’s unique experience, host Liam Leonard leads a “different conversation” than the norm with Katie Richardson.

Tune in today to talk about how your upbringing may be negatively affecting your investment decisions and how to avoid those same mistakes in the upbringing of your kids. Katie shares how she helps them to value what they’ve been given without squashing their belief that they can earn and deserve nice things. Katie also shares her philosophy of “profit first” and why this approach may just magnify your own business income as you decide which buckets to allocate your income into.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • The 5 areas Katie always invests in.

  • Where you may be harming yourself with “scarcity thinking.”

  • Opening yourself up to the possibility of a third choice by asking one question.

Show Notes:

[0:35} Katie introduces herself

  • Creator of PUDGE

  • Her life as creative individual

  • Realizing that her potential in college wasn’t being used

  • The woman in the boutique’s influence on her entrepreneurial life

[4:30] The explosion of her and her husband’s product

  • How she knew it was a paying product worth patenting

  • Identifying a need that hasn’t been met in her life

  • Taking her product to the first trade show

  • Coming home with zero sales

  • All you have to do is answer their questions

[11:37] The questions her buyers were asking

  • Proving the concept

[13:40] Where Katie allocates her money now that she’s financially stable

  • Katie's mistakes stemming from her mindset

  • Pouring everything in the business

  • Learning to be wise with her money

  • Katie’s example of sharing her BMW with her 16-year-old

  • Signing a contract

  • Pushing past scarcity thinking to get them a Subaru

  • Helping her kids have the right frame of value for their car

  • Telling her kids to walk to school

  • Telling her kids they can take a cart with their football equipment to school

[23:53] “I’ve learned that money’s not good or bad. It's a magnifier and it can magnify our intention. And when you have pure and true and good intentions...and you wanna go buy a beamer, go buy a beamer!” -Katie Richardson

[24:36] Liam’s upbringing as similar to Katie’s; how do you give your kids appreciation for what they have without forsaking the fun opportunities they get

  • “Oftentimes we think in binaries in our mind. It's yes/no, good/bad, right/wrong, black/white, and there's always a third option, actually. And option 3 includes infinite possibility. And the road to option 3 is a road that we create.”-Katie Richardson

  • Incorporating the “and”

[27:50] Katie's second example

  • Taking $200 away because of lost value in what they had

  • Paying their kids to mow the lawn

  • Leading polarity together in a new way

  • Asking “what is the other way?”

32:28] Katie’s self-prescribed philosophy of “Profit First”

  • Splitting your income into separate accounts so that when you check an account to see if you can spend on what you want

  • Conserving energy and money as an energy spender

  • Her main buckets

  • Paying herself separately from her family

  • Investing in Krypto and Gold & Silver

  • Coming up with the allocation percentages from trial and error

[38:58] Katie’s one piece of advice to investors

  • “When you’re investing, check yourself that it’s not an emotional investment...That you’re not needy and desperate about it.”-Katie Richardson

  • “I always invest in myself”

  • Make it a family affair

  • Make it a part of your identity

About Katie Richardson:

Katie Richardson is a Powerful Business Coach to World Changers. She shows Superstar entrepreneurs the exact steps they must take in order to grow to millions+ in recurring revenue annually by using her Sequential Power Formulas.

Her clients include Kathryn Jones, Josh Forti, Sarah Allred, Stephanie Dove Blake, Jenica Parcel, Paul Van Bloem, Andrea Befus and more. Her first business, Puj.com was a worldwide sensation. With a Sketch and a GIANT Leap of Faith, Katie Transformed an industry and became a Globally Recognized Designer and Entrepreneur. She has been featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Rachael Ray Show, Today Show and on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine.

Today, people seek-out Katie to learn how to Magnify Business AND Magnify Life. Katie strongly believes this way of living is possible for anyone who is truly committed. She is living proof that family, faith, and fitness can thrive AS the business grows. If she can do it, so can you. And she’ll show you how.

Connect with Katie Richardson:

Podcast: What’s Working Now

Instagram : @katie.live

Facebook : @katiericharson.live

Website: www.katierichardson.com

Connect with The Prosperity Perspective Podcast:

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dmlcap/

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