Investing how the Wealthy Do It with Lane Kawaoka

Host Liam Leonard invites a guest today in his own realm of investments; Lane Kawaoka has been investing in property since he was a college student. Now, Lane’s entrepreneurial path has expanded from an experiment into a company that pays for all of his bills--and his nice car. Lane breaks down the essential decisions on today’s episode of the Prosperity Perspective, outlining what steps you must take as a property owner, from house one to property fifteen and beyond. He will also explain the “pecking order of properties” discovered by him and his partner, and share why investing in property is akin to buying a lemonade stand.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • How Lane was taking care of $60-$100 grand a year in college

  • How lane pushed through the identity crisis of giving up his title as engineer

  • Why you should keep the entrepreneurs you meet on your journey in your database

Show Notes:

[0:53] Lane answers the question of what he invests in when his necessities are taken care of

  • Continue to own properties in order to secure not having to go back to work

  • [3:55] The surprising conviction that mentors and literature didn’t aid Lane’s success

  • His college landlord as the only influence--of doing it the wrong way

  • Starting to rent out his first house

  • Getting savvy about value ratios

[6:00] The point that Lane decided to step down from work and focus on property ownership

  • Testing out different jobs

  • His realer transition in 2015

  • “I got to a point...I realized that rental properties are a really good place to start...but rental properties aren’t really scalable at that point.” -Lane Kawaoka

  • “I started to get around other higher net worth investors investing in private placements and syndications...where they don’t put any debt in their name.”-Lane Kawaoka

[8:54] His decision to pull the plug on engineering

  • Dealing with the identity crisis that comes from choosing to be an entrepreneur

[10:45] Buying a nice car, sucking it up, and getting over it

  • The quality of being his own boss

  • “You’re always going to be working at something. But when you’re working a salary, the reason why they're paying you at that job is because you’re bringing in more value...than what they’re paying in salary. I just don’t think that’s a good financial decision.”-Lane Kawaoka

  • Keeping other entrepreneurs he meets in his database

[13:00] The job as the vehicle to focus on what you really want

  • Family as priority for Lane

  • Money as freedom and the 2 problems of investing

[14:43] Utilizing the skills learned in college for business approaches

  • How Lane found the right deals to transition into a multi-home ownership

  • The “pecking order of properties”

[18:08] “Operations are one thing, but the biggest thing is getting the deal, the good deal.”-Lane Kawaoka

  • Building valuable relationships

[20:00] Lane looks back: What he would do differently

  • “No regrets”

  • Get accredited, save more money, & find appropriate investors/deals

  • The downfalls of the “Go big or go home” ideal for young entrepreneurs

[23:49] The most exciting thing Lane is doing

  • “Boring investments fund life”

  • Lane’s lemonade stand analogy

  • Breaking down the why behind “wealth whispers”

[27:33] How lane’s general concepts articulate with Liam’s investment experience

About Lane Kawaoka:

Lane began his career as an engineer. And while he valued getting his degree, Lane found skill in seeing the right way to manage property investments. What began as an experimental side-gig in college soon expanded to his full financial focus. Lane had to learn to push through the identity crisis of giving up his “title” as engineer, promoting his family to buckle down along with his decision and take a fully-invested chance on his entrepreneurial interest.

But that decision proved to be a highly researched, informed one, and you’ll quickly see the value that Lane brings not only to his personal finances but to others looking to succeed in property management since his first rental in 2009. Not only does he own 4,oo0 units, a top 50 investing podcast, and position of an Amazon best seller, he also helps everyone out of “the corrupt Wall Street roller coaster” of the typical 401K and stock market, "bringing higher returns that benefit the middle class of America."

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