Refocusing Your Mindset to THIS Cliché will Sky Rocket Your Sales with Robert Elliott

Host Liam Leonard invites our newest guest, Aussie and booming business man Robert Elliott into the conversation on today’s episode of the Prosperity Perspective Podcast. Robert began his business ownership experience before he was old enough to work; his parents ran a pub all of his young life, and Rob was taking notes.

Robert has now taken those skills and a plethora of additional insights due to his past with business ownership and investment choices to become the thriving business coach and author that he is today. Learn why he encourages you to “take the jump without a parachute,” maintain full responsibility for the choices you make/things you create, and never play down the importance of investing in yourself–every year.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • The three points of contact theory

  • The power and necessity of investing 5-10% in yourself

  • The two major mistakes Rob has found handfuls of clients make

Show Notes:

[0:20] Rob introduces himself and what he does

  • Small business coach

  • His interest in football

[1:10] His experience in the sales background

  • Growing up in the pub industry

  • His parents’ role

  • The theory of the three points of contact

  • “Customers love to be known, acknowledged, and to be given what they want.” Robert Elliott

  • Being handed a $10 million account to rescue it and save his job

  • “Sometimes you just have to jump from the precipice and say ‘No parachute, but I’m going to fly.’” -Robert Elliott

[4:00] The pull from his parents to enter the pub industry

  • Getting priced out of the game

  • Pubs are breaking their industry into three areas

[6:18] How Robert decided to invest his excess income

  • Making a messy mistake when he was young

  • Buying a car instead of an apartment that would make him half a million

  • It’s your responsibility to take on!

  • Looking at assets that appreciate not depreciate

  • “Why do something that goes against your core belief? It’s no different in investing.” -Robert Elliot

[10:00] Did having a nicer car give him better credibility?

  • It depends on the visual

  • Having a nice car makes you feel confident

[11:24] Some of the mistakes Rob has seen clients make

  • Not investing in themselves

  • Don’t fall behind the pack; update yourself and your skills

  • Always put 5-10% of what you make toward investing in yourself

  • Pay your bills as soon as you get them!

  • This will even create good relationships

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

[15:16] The most impactful personal investment for Rob

  • Attending shocking conferences

  • “We could do this”

  • Do your homework on who is doing the course

  • Going to see Tony Robbins

  • His entire attitude changes

  • “Most people have the knowledge within them. All they need is someone to help them bring it out.” -Robert Elliott

  • Find what works with you and get everything you can out of it

[17:50] What Tony Robbins does for people

  • The process of getting you into full commitment takes an hour

  • Walking through coals

  • A belief that you can do anything if you put your mind to it

  • You will make decisions logically

  • What Rob went and tackled

  • Not being afraid of being honest in his thoughts

  • His book’s topic on honesty

[21:59] Rob’s last advice for listeners

  • “Don’t be afraid. Know your worth.” -Robert Elliott

  • Hold the line if you truly believe in what you’re offering

  • Just be you!

About Robert Elliott:

Being brought in the family hospitality business exposed Rob to sales and the importance of community at an early age. Watching his parents navigate

difficult customers and the expectations of people while at the same time run a profitable business ensured that when he moved to full time sales roles he had all the tools needed. Those same tools have enabled him to become very skilled in public presenting, training as well as giving back to his community through volunteering and raising much needed funds for charities close to his heart. Roberts' mantra is “Just be you.”

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His new book: The Sales Chain; Tips, Tools, and an Insider’s View for the Business of Sales

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