What They Won’t Tell You: Why Passive Income is King with Samson Jagoras

Our new guest on The Prosperity Perspective Podcast went from graduating as an orthopedics student to picking up a job as a brokerage worker in less than a week. Now, Samson Jagoras has left the brokerage business after moving to the top, deciding to become owner of his own company. Samson is something of an expert in investing your profits in spaces across the board, including large real estate, bonds, small businesses, taxes, and even cryptocurrency.

Host Liam Leonard invites you to join their conversation as they lay out how Samson did it--and what advice he’d give to the 70% of America who are small business owners looking to keep building the backbone of our communities.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • The two ways to optimize your taxes.

  • The four freedoms you should be focusing on as you grow your business.

  • Samson’s top two pieces of advice for reinvesting your money.

Show Notes:

[0:22] Samson introduces himself

  • Going from an orthopedics student to a brokerage worker in a week

  • Series 3 commodity brokerage worker after 3 months

  • Building his own company

  • 4th ID

[2:50] Going from being a futures commodity owner to a fast-growing, small marketing and tech company

  • Knowing the CEO of the brokerage as an entrepreneur

  • “I’ve always loved the world of finance and investing, but the opportunity to come into this development is a great opportunity to grow up and really be entrepreneurial.” -Samson Jagoras

  • Identifying opportunity and jumping on it

  • Proving himself

[6:30] Where Samson started putting his money

  • Avoiding taxes

  • Real estate

  • “Owning assets is more valuable than just purely speculating on Future’s prices.” -Samson Jagoras

  • Consulting and self-directed 401Ks

  • Paying attention to the bitcoin market

  • The 2 ways to optimize your taxes

[10:40] Samson talks about what he’s learned about cryptocurrency

  • Wishing he knew more about inflation

  • Investing in a chunk of the internet

[13:10] The first unusual investment that Samson reached out to

  • Their very first real estate deal

  • Succeeding because he put a lot of research into the property

[15:38] Samson’s thought process today on where he puts his cash flow

  • Consulting retainers

  • Large apartment complex real estate

  • Investing back into his gym

  • “Real estate is really easy; a simple business that people can get into. But running a business, most people aren’t very good at.” -Samson Jagoras

  • Being an operator who understands delegation

[18:34] The most interesting investment opportunity that Samson is working on

  • Redeveloping an old lumberyard into a personal warehouse space

[21:10] The financial result of the rise of entrepreneurism during COVID

  • Thinking differently about the world as motivation to become entrepreneurs

  • “Entrepreneurship is on the rise. So if you can’t find ways to make money outside of your job...the internet has changed the game!” -Samson Jagoras

[23:31] Samson’s advice to entrepreneurs starting out with a small business

  • Look within your own business

  • Find ways to free up your time

  • The Self-Managing Company by Dan Sullivan

  • The 4 freedoms

  • Real estate is a real job but is worth the investment

  • Looking at becoming a passive real estate partner

[29:20] Samson’s last words of advice

  • Entrepreneurs are what makes this country great. Keep duking it out. America needs you. Small businesses make up 70% of the economy.” -Samson Jagoras

About Samson Jagoras:

Samson Jagoras is an entrepreneur, RE/MAX commercial real estate broker. President, and founder of Growth Vue Properties. Over his 12+ year career in business, executive leadership & entrepreneurship, he has served as a professional Futures & Commodities broker, actively invested in real estate, and acted as the Chief Strategy Officer for Madwire, an INC 500 marketing, and technology company located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Samson currently puts together large commercial apartment investments throughout the United States, opportunistic land development, fix n flip and buy/hold deals in Northern Colorado; and sits on the executive leadership team at Madwire, where he helped grow revenue from 7 million to over 100 million & grown the employed base from 35 employees to 600 employees in ten years.

Having built 5 departments, consulted thousands of businesses on marketing and business operations, hired north of 400 employees, and coached countless business/marketing professionals, Samson now uses those skill sets to structure, negotiate and manage multifamily projects for active and passive investors, business consulting and commercial real estate.

Samson graduated from the University of Colorado and holds a master’s degree from Logan University.

Connect with Samson Jagoras:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samsonjagorasrealestate

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samson.jagoras/?hl=en

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samson-jagoras/

Company Website: https://thegrowthvue.com/

Connect with The Prosperity Perspective Podcast:

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dmlcap/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DMLCapital


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