You Can Build a Powerhouse Brand No Matter How Small You Are–and Here’s How with Sean Atkinson

It’s time to break your business model down into a fine art, from the inside to the outside, from personal life to work balance, and from small-businesses to corporate companies. Today on The Prosperity Perspective Podcast, host Liam Leonard invites Sean Atkinson, owner and founder of Majority Media, to share what he’s learned from decades of business trial and error–and now, he shares it as a coach. Sean’s Incredible journey through the corporate world into a life of entrepreneurship and founding his own business gives him the unique background to help both sides of the spectrum put better systems in place in order to ensure longevity. Tune in and start identifying and repairing those holes of error in your business model today!

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Where small to mid-sized business owners can start improving their systems

  • Why you need to focus on personal phases first and foremost

  • The difference between gurus, mentors, and people who can actually help your business

Show Notes:

[0:31] Sean introduces himself

  • Owner of Majority Media

[1:10] What Sean did with his money after reaching profitability

  • What is success to you?

  • “A lot of people chase profitability, but that doesn’t always equal success.” -Sean Atkinson

  • Invest internally and externally

  • Support systems and staff

  • Reputation management, user experience, target audience, customers

[3:46] How to determine where to start and balance it with personal life

  • Where to start for small to mid-sized businesses

  • “If you have a system that requires you to be hands-on all the time, you will burn out.” -Sean Atkinson

  • Work in PHASES!

[5:44] Focus on your personal phases first

  • Have something that allows you to unplug, because people know when you’re exhausted

  • What that baseline looks like for Sean

  • It’s all about your alignment with the people around you

  • Find mentors

  • Customize what’s already working with your unique flair

  • “You need to set guardrails and say ‘In order to be at my best, I need to be at my balance.” -Sean Atkinson

  • Establishing a personal connection will keep long-term trust with customers

[10:07] Challenges and guardrails that sean had in his life

  • First, identify the holes in your system

  • Coach your employees properly by putting them in a position to succeed

[12:30] How to build systems

  • There are gurus, mentors, and people that actually help

  • Find someone that can actually help apply their knowledge to your business

  • What’s working and what isn’t?

  • Have short-term and long-term goals

[15:33] Where Sean puts excess money to extend longevity and sustainability

  • The 33/34% principle

  • Where are you sending the money and not actually getting a return?

  • It could just be the method that you’re using

  • “You either have to rely on a history or show good character to get buyers” -Sean Atkinson

[21:45] The most exciting thing Sean is working on today

  • Working on group coaching sessions before the marketing stage

  • Leaning more into brand assessment

  • Working on a new podcast!

About Sean Atkinson:

With 25+ years of corporate and agency experience in the marketing and advertising industries, Sean Atkinson works with SMBs to build and grow competitive, strategic brands.

Sean’s passion for helping others allows him to collaborate with an open and honest approach, from outlining your business model to ensuring there’s a balance between home and the office.

Connect with Sean Atkinson:

Website: majoritymedia

Social: @seanmatkinson



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