Why You May Be Misidentifying Wealth in Your Life with Zachary Juergensen

Zac Juergensen shares his fascinating story through the marine corps, mounds of debt, and finally into a state of being “unplugged” in today’s episode of The Prosperity Perspective Podcast. Zac’s journey has brought him a desire to share his knowledge, and his genuine personality leads him to give expert, raw advice. “I like to feel people’s questions,” Zac replies to host Liam Leonard about his motivation for the podcast.

Join them for their conversation today and learn how this guest went from rough beginnings to amassing a net worth of over $1 million, and learn why you don’t have to wait to enjoy life until your retirement--but you don’t have to be poor because of it, either.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Why you don’t have to be a perpetual worker bee but also not a homeless person.

  • The sweet spot that allows most people to push past their financial filters securely.

  • How you may need to do your research into letting go of the past.

Show Notes:

[0:35] Zac introduces himself and what he does

  • Host of the DIY Wealth Podcast

[1:47] How Zac realized he was in bad debt

  • Taking a tour in Afghanistan

  • A bomb experience teaching him that you aren’t invincible

  • The Little Book on Big Dividends

  • Doing zero due diligence for the first investments that he made

[4:14] The actions Zac took to move in the “unplugged” direction

  • Let’s talk “unplugged”

  • The new concept of retirement

  • If you retire in your early years, Zac calls it “unplugging”

  • Realizing that retirement doesn’t make him the life he wants now

  • Investing in jewelry and real estate

  • “Pushing a bunch of money into a traditional brokerage accountant being able to collect dividends off of it: that is an absolute another way to manage your money.” -Zac Juergensen

Managing real estate as his “big bread and butter” of investing

[7:38] How Zac determines what the right number is to be unplugged

  • That’s different for everyone!

  • What would you do today if you passively knew you had enough money coming in?

  • The sweet spot for people to move past their financial filters is $6-8,000 coming in.

[9:59] Zac’s tips for leveling the consumption that live urges

  • Understanding your spending is typically a result of advertising that insinuates fear or guilt

  • “Instead of coming from a place where you’re seeking external validation from people...Is it because you want to exude a level of success...or are you doing it genuinely because it’s an item or object that’s going to enhance your life dramatically for YOU?” -Zac Juergensen

  • The best way to do this is to get alone time and meditate without stimulus filling your mind

[14:32] What do you do if your unplug number changes?

  • Capitalism will always be there for you

  • Engage in the system today to build enough wealth for your unplug number

[17:20] Where Zac would look to get the “biggest pop of long-sum dollars”

  • The wide pendulum of Cryptocurrency

  • Look at your investments in it extremely speculatively

  • Rent your rooms out, invest in real estate, etc.

  • 35% of his unplugged fund goes to fixed costs, and the rest goes to travel and pushing other money into investments

[21:55] Advice and feedback from Zac to his listeners

  • The Power of Letting Go by John Purkiss

  • Reach out to Zac for help letting the past go

  • Made to Stick by Malcolm Gladwell

  • What is good messaging?

About Zachary Juergensen:

DIY Wealth is on every podcasting platform, but in a nutshell I couple deeper philosophical thought and humor with gaining reasonable financial freedom in order to better identify for individuals what a life truly well lived is within the constructs of a capitalistic structure.

I've essentially went from being in debt in my early 20's with poor money management and financial behavior patterns to amassing a net worth of $1MM by 31. I have enough passive income to essentially "retire", or as I prefer to label it unplugging. Everything has been self education regarding building wealth and now I'm helping people by answering their questions. My mouth has zero filter and I'll joke about anything along the way to paint a humorous picture. Using your words and storytelling is a craft I love. I did go to school for business management at W.P. Carey. I hold positions in the markets, cryptos and hold a real estate portfolio among other things. I officially unplugged as of SEPT 8th 2021. I hope to grow, share my message, and truly change lives as my future journeys unfold all while dishing out healthy heaps of laughter. I am absolutely committed to making people laugh, sharing my knowledge base, answering questions, and merging it with a better line of thinking in order for individuals to plug into a more enhanced way of living.

Connect with Zachary Juergensen:

Call into the podcast: zacjuergensen.com

Creator account on Instagram @zacjuergensen

Join his Patreon to see his personal financial processes and details: @zacjuergensen

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